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With five very exciting goals and two inexplicable conceded, Bayern Mun亚博外围appich defeated Frankfurt and reported their defeat in the first half of the season. In this campaign, Huttle’s changes made the Eagles lose the ability to use wing guards to create advantages. Mueller, Davis and others took turns to kill opponents from the wing, a three-dimensional offensive syst亚博外围appem with Lewandowski as the core. Once again demonstrated amazing power.


Bayern have lost 4 games in the Bundesliga that has ended this season. One of the most tragic losses was given by Frankfurt. This game also became the fuse for Kovac to dismiss. Back at home to fight the Eagles, Bayern are eager to use a big victory to complete their revenge.


In order to prepare for the first battle with Dortmund in the middle of next week, Frickce made some adjustments to the starting lineup. Compared with last weekend’s defeat of the Berlin United, Bayern’s starting lineup has undergone two changes. Thiago and Gnabry have been replaced by Goretzka and Perisic.

为了准备在下周中旬与多特蒙德的首战,弗里克斯对首发阵容进行了一些调整。与上亚博游戏app客服周末击败柏林联队相比,拜仁的首发阵容发生了两次变化。 Thiago和Gnabry已被Goretzka和Perisic取代。

In the first round of the contest, Frankfurt's three center-back formation shined brilliantly. The advantage of this system lies in the thickness of the mid lane. If the opponent can make full use of the width of the field to launch an attack, Huter's team will be suppressed in the low post and immobile. When he came to Bayern's home court, Hüter gave up the three-center defender system and switched to 442/4411. He hoped to contain Bayern's two-wing forward with a more rigorous wing position.


Frick reus亚博游戏app客服ed the civilian midfielder and used multiple full-backs to form a defense line to improve his backcourt ability. Frankfurt actively exerted pressure in the frontcourt, Bayern did not panic because of one or two conceded goals, the war gradually burned towards Frankfurt's halftime. Before the offseason, Flick had an attempt to make four players with full-back attributes form a defense (VS Paderborn). In order to reduce the weakening of the defense caused by this deployment, Flick asked the defenders (including Neuer) to exert a lot of pressure, and the frontcourt players should also actively implement anti-grabs to create more ball rights conversions. opportunity.


Lack of Tiago's possession and scheduling, it is difficult for Bayern to launch an offensive from the center and can only look for opportunities from the side. Koeman and Perisic attracted Frankfurt's defense, which benefited the teammates around him. Mueller used his best off-the-ball running and increasingly superb passing skills to open the door to victory for Bayern.


Perisic and Komangan were "cannon fodder", Muller and Gorecka became the first wave of beneficiaries, and Davis and Lewandowski also quickly entered the role. Davis has the ability to play one side, and there is a certain conflict on the ball with Perisic who also likes to hold the side. When Davis galloped on the left channel, Perisic seldom tried to retreat into the penalty area. The ability of the heavy winger has yet to be developed. In the 64th minute, Flick replaced Perisic with Gnabry. The German's "forward" style of play could complement Davis very well. Bayern's left back was officially promoted in the last 30 minutes. "Winger".

Perisic和Komangan是“大炮的饲料”,Muller和Gorecka成为第一批受益者,而Davis和Lewandowski也迅速加入了这一行列。戴维斯有能力打一侧,与佩里西奇在球上有一定的冲突,后者也喜欢握住一侧。当戴维斯在左航道上疾驰时,佩里西奇很少试图撤退到罚球区。重型边锋的能力尚未得到发展。在第64分钟,Flick用Gnabry取代了Perisic。德国人的“前卫”打法可以很好地补充戴维斯。拜仁的左后卫在过去30分钟内得到了正式升级。 “温格”。

Facing Bayern's high-pressure attack, Frankfurt is difficult to organize an effective counterattack. Right midfielder Da Costa is exhausted on the defensive end. Left midfielder Kostic can only rely on his personal ability to create threats occasionally. The midfielder Gazzinovic cannot play the role of a series attack. Frankfurt's offense needs a center forward to complete. transition. Lewandowski gave a good example in this regard. Andrei Silva, who had sleepwalked for a long time, began to find a sense at the end of the first half.

面对拜仁的高压进攻,法兰克福很难组织有效的反击。右中场达科斯塔在防守端疲惫不堪。左中场科斯蒂奇只能依靠自己的个人能力偶尔制造威胁。中场球员加佐诺维奇不能扮演系列进攻的角色。法兰克福的进攻需要中锋才能完成。过渡。莱万多夫斯基在这方面举了一个很好的例子。梦游了很久的安德烈·席尔瓦(Andrei Silva)在上半场末开始感到一种感觉。

In this big victory that should have gone smoothly, Bayern's two "breakpoints" in set-piece defense appeared very abrupt. Flick re-used the strategy of full-backs to improve Bayern's ball control and pressure ability, but it also laid a hidden danger for the set ball defense.


Among the several defenders in the team, only Boateng's header ability is excellent. Paval and Lucas have good header ability on offense, but they seem a little weak on the defensive end. Bayern has no shortage of tall players in the midfield. Muller, Lewand and Gorecka need to take more responsibility in the defense of set-pieces, and how to improve the air defense capabilities of the restricted area in sports warfare may become Bayern's two-line champion One of the most important topics on the road.


Compared with Robben and Ribery's peak period, Bayern's overall strength has declined to a certain extent. If the team wants to remain competitive in the Champions League, the tactical wisdom of the coach is very important. Most Bundesliga teams have limited strength. The offensive-focused league atmosphere has led to many teams not being rigorous in deploying defenses. The real test of Frick is how to make the players adapt to the intensity of the Champions League knockout stage in the league in advance. Bayern needs to cherish. The opportunity for strong dialogue, the national derby three days later is such a significant game.

与罗本和里贝的鼎盛时期相比,拜仁的整体实力有所下降。如果球队想保持在冠军联赛中的竞争力,那么教练的战术智慧就非常重要。大多数德甲球队实力有限。以进攻为重点的联赛气氛导致许多球队在部署防守时不够严格。 Frick的真正考验是如何使球员提前适应联赛中欧冠淘汰赛阶段的强度。拜仁需要珍惜。进行激烈对话的机会,三天后的国家德比就是如此重要的比赛。